About us

To better understand the identity of Farn Music, one cannot ignore the professional career of its founder, the known Swiss entrepreneur, Cosimo Vindice. Although quite young, Cosimo began from a very early age to expand in various markets, notably in Horology, and from there, in only a few years, he successfully entered the international music sector. A career built through his intuition, managerial skills, consistency, courage and conviction in his ideas. A career that was built "on the field" through commitment and relentless daily work.
The company boasts the exclusive collaboration of various professionals, who have been working in the music industry and scene for decades helping us provide a guarantee of professionalism and understanding, with particular attention and respect to the continuous and rapid development of the industry.

What we do

Farn Music works in the field of record production, artist management and event planning in the Music and Entertainment industry, using an established business relationship both domestically and internationally.
Farn Music aims to design and develop unique record proposals taking care of every aspect, from production to promotion thanks to solid know-how in the fields of marketing and communications, media relations, radio and TV promotion.
Farn Music pays great attention to the artistic quality during production, and aims for collaborating musicians to stand out as one of the music industry's most dynamic and multifaceted talents of the national and international scene.

Our services

  • Booking
  • Events and Tours production and coordination
  • Communication and marketing strategy
  • Radio and TV Promotion
  • Social Media
  • Casting




Matia Bazar

Matia Bazar

Filippo Graziani

Filippo Graziani


Alan & Pupo - Fuori dal gregge Alan - Mama Alan - Viaggio in Italia Filippo Graziani - Credi in me Alan & Umberto Tozzi - Gloria Filippo Graziani - Sala Giochi Matia Bazar - Verso il punto più alto Matia Bazar - è primaveramore Matia Bazar - Questo è il tempo Alan & Albano - L'amico cos'è Alan & Riccardo Fogli - Dimmi cos'è l'amore Alan & Pupo - Fuori dal gregge


Label - Publisher - Management

President: Cosimo Vindice
E-mail: c.vindice@farnmusic.com
General Manager: Giuseppe Tinti
T. +39 3336454661 - E-mail: g.tinti@farnmusic.com
Responsabile Catalogo Musicale:
Giulia Salvadori
Email: g.salvadori@farnmusic.com

Comunicazione Farn Music:
Daniele Mignardi Promopressagency
Tel +39 06 32651758
E-mail: info@danielemignardi.it
Via Belsiana 71, 00187 - Rome
Email: info@farnmusic.com

Rue du Marché 13, 1204 - Geneva
Email: info@farnmusic.com